Road and Street Construction

Certified Contractors in New Road Construction in Mid-Missouri

Road Work

Whether it is rehabilitating or repairing a new roadway, or constructing a new road to a new destination, our team has extensive experience in providing a path for you to reach your destination. From the excavation to the pavement placement, we can do it all. We have years of experience building the highways and byways that get you to where you need to be. If it is a gravel road in your subdivision, a new roundabout to alleviate traffic congestion, repairing your existing roadway, or adding curbs & gutters to help maintain your roadway for years to come, S&A has the knowledge and experience to help you get it done.


New Road Services Offered by S&A Equipment and Builders

Our team has extensive knowledge when it comes to building roads and streets. Here is a detailed look at all we can do for you and your next project.

Why S&A Is The Right Company For Your Next New Road Construction in Mid-Missouri

S&A has the experience and the knowledge to knock your next road or street construction project out of the park! Our skills are backed by our certifications from The Missouri Department of Transportation as well as our client testimonials. Throughout each and every one of our projects, we establish an open line of communication to ensure your needs are being heard at all times so when we do run into a speed bump, we can smooth it over as soon as possible. Our team of new road contractors love the work we do as well as those we do it for.


If you are in need of a new road construction project, call S&A today!

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