Building Services

Premier Building Services in Mid-Missouri By S&A Equipment and Builders

Building Services

At S&A Equipment and Builders, we do a little bit of everything. We like to see throughout projects from start to finish, blueprint to the final concrete pour. We offer remodel, repair, and retrofit construction services for residential and commercial applications. Our team offers so many building services because we want the very best for each and every one of our clients. We have several framing and finish carpenters on staff and use experienced, qualified subcontractors. We provide the right technical expertise and budget-friendly services for a diverse amount of buildings. At S&A Equipment, we manage projects from start to finish.


Commercial Construction Services In Mid-Missouri

Your commercial building says a lot about you and who you are. Why not make it perfect? No matter the size of your commercial construction project, we can get the job done. The bigger commercial projects take extensive planning and attention to detail. Building a larger scale project is complex. In order to successfully complete a commercial project, meticulous planning needs to happen from the inception of the project itself. We never start a project blind and hope for the best. Once our team develops a construction plan, we follow it to a T to make sure there are no surprises and all of our bases are covered. One of the most important decisions to make is deciding on a budget. S&A will work with you to settle on a price that will check all the boxes of your commercial building while remaining cost-effective for you and your business. When our team commits to a timeline, we honor that commitment. Our team understands the importance of staying on schedule. From the supply chain to the equipment used to the safety measures, our team oversees all the happenings of our commercial building projects.

S&A Building Services

Commercial Remodeling Services

From areas of retail to office buildings, sometimes an older space needs a little TLC to bring back the spark it once had. That’s where we come in. We want whatever commercial property you own to be something you take pride in and enjoy owning. Our experts will develop a remodeling plan to enhance some existing areas while creating new structural benefits. We have the ability and the equipment to complete expansions, floor replacements, and more! If your commercial building is in need of an update, don’t hesitate to call!

Retrofitting of Buildings in Mid-Missouri To Modify Existing Structures

Sometimes a commercial building needs a little more than a visual upgrade and instead needs a functional improvement. This is usually seen in the electrical department. By retrofitting your existing commercial property, S&A Equipment and Builders can help make your building more energy efficient. These types of projects help boost sustainability efforts, creating a more green and environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Energy Efficient Building

Building Maintenance

Our job doesn’t end after we have built your dream commercial property. The contractors at S&A Equipment and Builders also offer followup services with building maintenance to ensure your building is always performing at the highest level!

Building Maintenance

Why Choose S&A As Your Commercial Building Contractors in Mid-Missouri

Our team of contractors at S&A know all about a job well done. We see all of our projects from start to finish, ensuring each box has been ticked and our clients are satisfied with our work. We use quality, reputable and experienced subcontractors and suppliers. Throughout the duration of our projects, we keep an open line of communication to ensure we are always understanding your needs. We provide the right services for residential buildings in all areas. Most of all, S&A values our work and those we do it for!

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